As any fule kno

What better day to start a blog like this than April 1st – April Fools’ Day. Not only very apt, but very useful in the event I decide not to bother and say the whole idea was dull craic anyway.

Hogarth Plumb pudding

Everyone loves to laugh. Laughing is considered scientifically healthy (I read that somewhere). A Frenchman cannot understand a Bangladeshi, but they both understand that a sense of humour makes you a better human being.

Satire is laughter employed to the most useful end in a society. Well, one way of looking at it anyhow. It’s holding a mirror to all types of authority, revealing common sense to us all, a morally empowering tool in place of things like guns and sticks, which have a tendency to make us all even more berserk. Satirical images are best of all, ’cause pictures are much more accessible than words, which only really clever people can use cleverly and who, at that, tend to use to cover things up cleverly. Speak a thousand words etc etc.

The idea of MDR is to provide, at relatively regular intervals, a glimpse of current satire and political cartooning produced and published all around the world. Maybe then we’ll realise that – behind our suspicious fences of creed or culture – we’re all irritated by uncannily similar gripes, duped by uncannily similar power players. Maybe we’ll learn to laugh along together.

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